Professional Development

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Our Professional Development workshops offer practical learning ideas covering a range of topics, including:

  • Early Childhood Sustainability
  • School Garden Foundations
  • Waste Minimisation in the Schoolyard
  • Understanding our World: Science ideas for Early Years Learning
  • Schoolyard Biodiversity – Native Bees (Early Childhood & Primary)

Workshops run for 2 hours and can be held onsite at your Early Childhood Service or school.

Workshop Series

Small group or team meeting targeted workshops for early childhood and school teaching professionals to meet individual learning requirements of the organisation. Workshop topics can be catered to a specific area of interest, learning gap or our foundation series. The workshops run in succession over a period of 12 months building knowledge from one workshop to the next, allowing time for implementation of practices, collaborative conversation and feedback. 

A series of six workshops run for 1.5 hours each. 

Professional Mentoring

Whether it is through our Professional Development workshops or children’s workshops and programs educators have access to mentoring support from the qualified staff at Seed Harvest Spoon. We are dedicated to developing professional mentoring partnerships with our clients to ensure the success of practices and learning outcomes. Ways that we help:

  • Teacher Reference Handouts
  • Face to face interaction and support
  • Role modelling teaching & learning techniques
  • Blog Articles – shared learning ideas and information
  • Network recommendations

We have a wide network of contacts, so where we may not personally be able to help out we can provide you direction to your needs through our like minded network.

Contact us today to enquire about our Professional Development options for your organisation.