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Children's Activity July - Garden Journal Writing

Friday, June 28, 2013

Every garden has a story to tell........

A journal is an essential element to record your garden adventures. It tells your unique story and can be documented by hand in a scrapbook or digitally by creating a blog page, vlog, recording footage or a photographic montage.

Documentation instills a sense of achievement as the sequence of events shows how far you have travelled on your quest to create your garden - beginning with a bare patch of lawn to achieving a productive edible food garden and everything in between. Include the steps taken, new skills and knowledge developed, lessons learnt and recognition for all the people that have been involved in the project.

A journal using a combination of words, images, drawings, notes, mind maps, procedures, recounts, samples, comments, feedback, ideas and goals provides the tools to stimulate memory enabling a retelling of your garden story.

Documentation supports students to recount events and reinforce knowledge and skills learnt while engaged in the garden.  A well documented journal can become a class resource as a reference for future learning. It is also an excellent way to integrate IT into the garden.

Young children particularly love referring back to events in their lives and retelling stories to their friends and family. They rejoice in remembering important times in their lives when they have been actively involved in a project with their friends – with the addition of photographs they will recognise themselves and their friends telling the story from their perspective. The journal will become a storybook of your family or community's continuous garden story.

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