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Author Carolyn Nuttall endorses Seed Harvest Spoon

Friday, February 28, 2014

Thank-you Carolyn Nuttall for your endorsement of our work. We very much appreciate your kind words……...

"I much admire the work of the women of Seed Harvest Spoon. This small group of educators have banded together to design and implement very valuable programs in outdoor learning for young children.

Schools can take advantage of this deal: quality teaching, programs connected to the curriculum, sustainability education at a budget price. Their programs will inspire the child's interest in the natural world, skill them in areas of waste recycling, teach them about soil and growing food and more….

For the children, they will feel part of the solution, a concept introduced by Bill Mollison and aptly applied to the young. "Permaculture encourages the individual to be resourceful and self-reliant, to become a conscious part of the solution to the many problems that face us, both locally and globally."

I recommend the work of Michelle, Bree and the team of Seed Harvest Spoon to all primary schools and early childhood centres."

Carolyn Nuttall
Author of "A Children's Food Forest " and co-author with Janet Millington of "Outdoor Classrooms: A handbook for school gardens" February 2014
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