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‘Nurture fresh thinking for a healthy world’

Primary School Program & Incursions

Our Primary School Program Learn and Connect Outdoors is suitable for all students kindergarten to year 6 and offers engaging, hands-on sustainability education in a 6-week in a term format. Work with us to start or re-invigorate an outdoor space into an edible garden or a habitat and see your students flourish!

Our lessons lead students through the foundations of ecology & biodiversity from understanding and building healthy soil, planting, maintaining and harvesting their own garden to creating healthy ecosystems. Through this process children learn about global environmental priorities such as biodiversity and sustainable practices.

Our program makes clear and specific links to curriculum objectives and outcomes. Time spent in the garden delivers structured learning outcomes for the students as well as impacting health, wellbeing and life-skill development. Our program has been designed to encompass literacy, science, numeracy, creativity, health and connections to nature.

We can provide a range of face-to-face lessons to your school from one term to one year, and beyond. 

  • Lessons are linked to National Australian Curriculum, including cross curriculum areas of Sustainability & Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Histories and Cultures

The Primary Program delivers numerous benefits to your school community through its participatory learning approach. In particular the benefits include:

Formal and informal education outcomes Learning opportunities are increased through: provision of an alternate learning environment, catering to varied learning styles; formal learning with program linkages to the curriculum; informal learning increasing capacity in problem solving ability and life skills.
Health and wellbeing The Program provides factors for increased health and wellbeing including: active outdoor activity in a healthy environment; an introduction to healthy eating, cooking and nutrition; and supporting healthy self-esteem through producing tangible achievements.
Environmental sustainabilityDelivery of the program improves the immediate environment by: improving soil quality; reducing waste; and establishing natural habitats and ecosystems. Education delivery improves environmental outcomes for the future by building the children’s knowledge and understanding of positive environmental practices.
Resilient communities Communities are connected through participation in a shared goal and activity, social networks are forged and community capacity is increased through participation in skilled development workshops.

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