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‘Nurture fresh thinking for a healthy world’

Our Team

Our History

Michelle Carrick and Bree Velluti are the Founders of Seed Harvest Spoon Education Foundation. 

Seed Harvest Spoon was born almost 10 years ago when a group of dedicated parents set about creating a community garden at our children's primary school that would provide an opportunity for our children to see where food comes from. The benefits to our community were extensive - socially, spiritually, educationally and health-wise.

With our knowledge and experience we registered as a not-for-profit education foundation in 2014 to share a vision and passion for gardening, permaculture, natural environments, healthy soil, and education. Our intention is to engage, inspire and empower educators and children in leading the way to make a difference. 

We continue to work with the communities of primary schools and early childhood services, individuals, businesses and like-minded organisations to expand and grow our program reach. I invite you to join us in our mission to promote a healthy lifestyle and environment for each of our communities, which will in time contribute to a healthy planet.

Bree Velluti

Our Staff

Seed Harvest Spoon is run by a team of highly skilled and passionate professionals whose experience and expertise includes: early childhood and primary school education; adult education; education program development and delivery; health education; Permaculture design & education; community development and engagement; research; project management and business administration.

Our Board

Seed Harvest Spoon is managed by a board of Directors, meeting quarterly to provide advice and guidance on the direction and growth of the organisation. Our Board includes business professionals, with significant experience in management and administration, working alongside education professionals who are highly experienced in developing, implementing and managing education programs.