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Native Bees & Biodiversity - Schools, Early Childhood & Backyard Gardens

Native Bee & Biodiversity Workshops Overview:

Community Native Backyard Bee Workshop

Seed Harvest Spoon provides an introduction and insight into the curious life of native bees for the backyard bee enthusiast. Our community workshop is informative and hands-on, and can be held in the heart of your community garden.

Our Community workshop will highlight ecology, colony behaviour, bee identification, pollination, habitat and more. Participants will learn how they can encourage native social and solitary bee varieties to their backyard garden to promote pollination and local biodiversity.

Chat with Seed Harvest Spoon's backyard beekeepers Michelle Carrick and Natalie Er about their personal experience and passion for bees, construct a native bee habitat and explore our recommended range of resources and books.

Place an order to own your own ‘Sugarbag’ hive. 

This workshop can be tailored to your community learning needs and we can propagate your existing Native Tetragonula Carbonaria "Sugarbag" hive during the workshop (depending on suitable conditions.

Contact Seed Harvest Spoon here to enquire about a workshop for your community.

School & Early Childhood

Native Bee Biodiversity Incursions

"The Life of Bees" and/or

"Native Bees in the Garden"

  • Choose from one or both workshops(each workshop is 1 - 1 1/2 hours) standalone or 4 x 1 hour workshops across a day.
  • Linked to learning outcomes for National Australian Curriculum, including cross curriculum outcomes for Sustainability and Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Histories & Cultures.
  • Meet National Quality Framework learning, development & quality standards for Early Childhood & OSHC.

Are you interested in promoting pollination & biodiversity within your school or early childhood garden, while gaining an understanding of the fascinating life and behaviour of bees? 

Our incursions offer engaging, hands-on learning for children providing insight into the curious life and important role of bees to our environment and health. 

"The Life of Bees" workshop highlights ecology, life cycles, colony behaviour, pollination, habitat and more. This workshop is an excellent introduction into the role of bees in food production and environmental health.

"Native Bees in the Garden" explores local biodiversity, native bee identification, and how to encourage native bee pollinators to your school garden. Children will make a native bee habitat to keep in their school or home garden.

Contact us to explore the amazing existence of these wonderful small creatures that promote life and abundance to our world.

Conditions permitting we bring along a live, native bee hive as an essential addition to enhance learning and engagement in nature and ecology.

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Native Stingless Beehive Sales

Order Your Own Beehive:

We supply Native Bee Hives...
Would you like a Tetragonula Carbonaria "Sugarbag" hive for your school, early childhood or backyard garden. 

Contact us for enquires about Hive Sales & Hive Propagation (Hive Splitting).

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