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‘Nurture fresh thinking for a healthy world’

Community Food Stories

Healthy food is central to our workshops, programs and creating community connections. We grow, harvest, prepare, eat and celebrate food. Together we share stories about our food so we can understand the significance of culture and tradition to local growing.


Healthy Eating

Fresh food accessibility supports healthy eating - our work takes us into communities, early childhood services and schools where collaborative learning supports growing edible gardens and food preparation. We begin by creating healthy soil through composting and worm farming so that the plants we eat have the best possible nutrient and mineral rich soil to grow in, free of any chemicals. 

Food Security

Health, wellbeing and nutrition literacy are increased through our workshops and programs. 

Learning where our food comes from by experiencing growing food by seed and feeling soil on our hands empowers communities, it provides choice about food options. We become connected to our food and respect its journey from garden to spoon. Our education program builds skills and knowledge based on grassroots collaborative interaction.

Community Recipe Share

Our community recipe share is a special space where we can highlight recipes from the children, families and communities we work with. We have the privilege to meet people from diverse cultural backgrounds - this has expanded our knowledge about how food is celebrated in different communities and cultures. 

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